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Press Release: Europe to present personalised medicine goals at UN General Assembly

Publication date: 20.09.2016

Brussels 20 September: The European Alliance for Personalised Medicine (EAPM) will hold key meetings this week at the United Nations General Assembly in New York

The Brussels-based EAPM’s event, on the morning of Friday 23 September, will take the form of a high-level workshop ahead of further discussion and presentations in the afternoon in the UN GA. 

Entitled ‘Taking Stock – The role of science to realise a healthier world in the personalised medicine era’, topics covered at the event will include health literacy and guidelines, clinical trials and data protection, and the implementation of genomics into healthcare systems.

Speakers will include the Alliance co-chairs, namely former European Commissioner for health David Byrne, and cancer expert Gordon McVie.

Also present and addressing the audience will be representatives from the European Medicine Agency, genetic giants Illumina, the Intel Corporation and the Universities of Belfast and Graz.

The audience will primarily consist of policy- and decision-makers involved in science, scientists and industry collaborators. The event will also include a panel discussion which will examine potential policy options.

On top of this, the morning workshop has the objective of examining the enabling policy and regulatory environment for enhancing cooperation at a global level to have a patient centered approach to healthcare.

After the EAPM-hosted event, the Friday afternoon will see a seminar entitled ‘Science for Development’ hosted by ISC Intelligence in the UN, which aims to explore how to support the potential contribution of science and innovation to policies aimed at addressing global challenges and, specifically, how science can support the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals by presenting key cases, such as examples of research infrastructures and capacity building. 

Special focus will be placed on how big data will enable science in a global development context. 

Speakers will present relevant research infrastructures and examples of capacity building for achieving the SDGs and examine the enabling policy and regulatory environment for enhancing science cooperation and collaboration at a global level. 

In particular the seminar will look at how a UN Science Data Cloud could be developed to support data-enabled science aligned with related global initiatives. 

EAPM’s Denis Horgan said ahead of the event: “The Alliance has done a great deal of work down the years in promoting personalised medicine and finding ways to implement this fantastic new science and embedding it in health services across the EU.

“President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative has already set the scene across the Atlantic and work, specifically in genetics, is now ongoing in many of the world’s key nations, across every continent.

“Now is the time to take the message to a global audience, and the 71st General Assembly of the United Nations is the ideal forum.”

For those that wish to attend the EAPM workshop and for further information about the event, please send an email to Chiara Bernini

Author: Denis Horgan
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