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Rome meeting | CAN.HEAL, a programme funded by the EU

Publication date: 04.07.2023

CAN.HEAL, a programme funded by the EU, is driving a radical commitment to collaborate across disciplines and territories not just to advance innovation, but to bring it speedily into effective use in healthcare systems.

The adoption of innovative medical interventions can provide better treatment and prevent undesirable adverse reactions, at the same time as fostering a more efficient and cost-effective healthcare system that focuses on prevention as well as treatment. The novelty of CAN.HEAL is that it is creating unprecedented connections between the world of clinical science and the world of public health. It is aiming to provide a bridge between two flagships of the European Beating Cancer Plan –'Access and Diagnostics for All' and 'Public Health Genomics' – so that cutting-edge developments in preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer become available faster and more widely.

In pursuit of the necessary closer understanding, CAN.HEAL brought more than 100 stakeholders together at its first working conference, on Wednesday and Thursday April 26-27, 2023,  at Italy's National Institute of Health in Rome. 

Alongside scientists and clinicians, participants included public health decision makers, representatives of the Commission, Members of the European Parliament, patient organisations, and European umbrella organizations representing interest groups and associations actively engaged in the field. 

To see the CAN.HEAL website, please click here: canheal.eu

Author: Marta Kozaric
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