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Lighthouse Initiative on personalised medicine

Lighthouse Initiative on Personalised Medicinethrough Member States and multi-stakeholder collaboration would drive policy, regulatory, research and innovation activities to establish a European–wide Data ecosystem for personalised medicine.

The initiative, supported by EAPM, will setup and operate a Europe-wide ecosystem for personalised medicine, able to aggregate, share and analyse millions of data points. It would make this data and analytic tools available to hundreds of researchers and healthcare professionals and it would develop a business model that incentivises data donation and citizen participation.

Lighthouse initiative will look into three sets of policy areas

The Lighthouse on PM could:

  • provide a Data place through a virtual platform - intensive discovery;
  • make available cancer genomes, ancillary data and put in place mechanisms to incentivise data contributors;
  • provide advanced bio-informatics tools while optimising genomic pipelines for performanceand accuracy, and provide an environment for the clinical deployment of genomics;
  • provide a platform for public health genomics and link biobank infrastructures, while meeting the diversity of systems, data formats and interoperability;
  • ensure governance, including quality assurance, security and patient confidentiality;
  • encourage cooperation between healthcare systems across the European Union;
  • help to improve investment in research while driving innovation across the EU;
  • provide a platform for saving millions of euro by, for example, using data and the associated technologies to ‘treat’ and monitor patients at home rather than in expensive hospital beds;
  • contribute to improving (and, in many cases, saving) the lives of a potential 500 million patients across 28 Member States

For more information on the activities of this initiative, please contact Denis Horgan, Executive Director