This 7th annual conference will attract 100s of Life Sciences thought leaders, with a key aim of the event, as ever, being to allow cross-fertilisation between the different disease and policy areas, allowing delegates to gain a greater depth of knowledge into barriers in the field of personalised medicine.

Key topics to be discussed in Brussels will include:

  • Personalised Medicine and the Innovation Agenda
  • Technology Developments
  • Hematology with respect to Personalised Treatment
  • Personalised Prevention
  • The Regulatory framework surrounding Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics

Also up for discussion will be the Impact of Brexit - Strategic Investments for the Future of Healthcare, Political Will and Institutional Support, and a session on the Million European Genome Alliance, known as MEGA.

In the latter case, policy is vital in enabling the potential benefits of next-generation sequencing and the MEGA project, especially in diagnostics.

Europe needs high-quality profiling, certainly, but there’s a debate concerning regulation and whether this needs to be updated in respect of the giant leaps forward.

Development of major initiatives in genomics and personalised medicine is a global trend with significant investments being committed, for example by the governments of the US and China.

In Europe the most comprehensive initiatives, encompassing clinical implementation, research and enterprise, are being seen in countries such as the UK (100,000 Genomes Project) and France (Médecine Génomique 2025).

It is vitally important that Europe remains competitive in this field given the resulting health and economic benefits and EAPM’s support for, and involve in, the MEGA project will be synergistic with the national aims, projects and activity of participating Member States.

I will also seek to provide structures and a network that can move research to clinical practice and commercial enterprise, putting EU countries at the forefront of personalised medicine globally.

The conference proper will be preceded the night before by a cocktail reception and dinner under the auspices of the Romanian Presidency.