TEACH - Summer School

Participating organisations:
- European Haematology Association
- European Society of Medical Oncology
- European Society for Nuclear Medicine
- European Association of Urology
- European Respiratory Society
- European Society of Pathology
- European Society of Pharmacogenomics
- European Institute for Oncology
- Association of Public Health School
- European Brain Council
- European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
- European Organisation for the Research and Treatment of Cancer

The European Alliance for Personalised Medicine will run its second Summer School for young healthcare professionals in mid-2017, building on the success of last year’s inaugural event in Cascais, Portugal.

Entitled ‘TEACH’ (Training and Education for Advanced Clinicians and HCPs), the school will be held in Bucharest, Romania, and will run from 27-30 June.


For the benefit of commonality, the ground-breaking Summer School will be centred around the concept of personalised medicine and, for its purposes, this refers to innovative medical interven-tions tailored to the specific needs of individual patients, thus providing better treatment and pre-venting undesirable adverse reactions while fostering a more efficient and cost-effective healthcare system.

Personalised medicine starts with the patient. It holds huge potential for improving the health of many patients and ensuring better outcomes of health systems' efficiency and transparency.

Yet, its integration into clinical practice and daily care is proving difficult given the many barriers and challenges to timely access to targeted healthcare that still exist as of today.

If personalised medicine is to be in line with the EU and Member State principle of universal and equal access to high quality healthcare, then clearly it must be made available to many more citi-zens than it is now.

Part of what is required is a long-term approach to education to ensure the translation of new thera-pies from laboratories to patients.

This means that all HCPs in close contact with patients or their patients' families need to be up-to-date with the current aspects of personalised medicine and its latest breakthroughs in order to bet-ter understand their patients’ concerns.

This second Summer School aims to support the endeavours of EAPM to set up a Continuous Edu-cational Programme on personalised medicine, as did the first such event in Cascais, Portugal, last year.

EAPM and the faculty at the Summer School are convinced that improvement in up-to-date skills among HCPs is vital to giving the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.


The European Alliance for Personalised Medicine is in the vanguard of exciting new developments in healthcare, driving forward the concept of personalised medicine in Europe and beyond.

EAPM has been working tirelessly to reach the goal of ‘the right treatment for the right patient at the right time’ to help create a healthier Europe for its 500 million citizens across the current 28 countries.

The Alliance aims to raise awareness among policymakers about the needs of modern-day patients and how personalised medicine has the potential to change healthcare for the better.

It believes that it is vital to develop training for professionals whose disciplines are essential to the successful development of personalised medicine. This in order to promote the shared understanding and collaborative development of necessary tools.

To this end, EAPM’s second Summer School, entitled ‘TEACH’ (Training and Education for Advanced Clinicians and HCPs), will be held in Bucharest, Romania, and will run from 3-7 July.

It is aimed at young healthcare professionals aged 28-40, from multi-medical backgrounds, as well as patients and policy makers. Representatives will be present from the worlds of oncology, urology, radiology, respiratory diseases, neurology and more.

Among other topics arising will be the implementation of the December 2015 landmark Luxembourg Council Conclusions on personalised medicine, as well as further development of the whole training project from the first Summer School.

The choice of Bucharest, Romania, dovetails with EAPM’s work with eastern European Member States through its SMART Outreach programme and broad membership base. 

This year’s faculty will be drawn from a variety of EU Member States, will once again be cross-disciplinary and will feature experts from different disease areas. 

If you are unable to attend personally, please forward this invitation to a Colleague who you think would find this Summer School of interest. Thank you.