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  • SMART Outreach - Pathways to Personalised Medicine
    As announced at EAPM’s highly successful third annual Presidency conference, held in early June under the SMART banner - Smaller Member States And Regions Together - the Alliance will, during 2015, embark upon an ‘Outreach’ programme, initially taking place in four European Union Member States.

    This will be called ‘SMART Outreach - Pathways to Personalised Medicine’. Although Brussels-based - in order to better engage with the European Commission, EU permanent representations and the European Parliament here in the ‘Capital of Europe’ - EAPM believes it is time to place its feet firmly on the ground in more EU countries, in order to expand its work with the multi-stakeholder groups, and nations, that form its membership.

    The sharing of knowledge and best practice, and the need for cross-border collaboration, are key to fulfilling the promise of personalised medicine and its goal of delivering the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. It is clear that the EU’s smaller Member States, and the regions within larger ones, find collaboration a necessity and will very likely show Europe the way when it comes to achieving this.
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