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EAPM Roundtable: "Bringing innovation into EU healthcare systems"
When: 27 Sep 2019
Organiser: European Alliance for Personalised Medicine
Contact: Denis Horgan, Executive Director | phone: +32 4725 35 104 | email: denishorgan@euapm.eu


For the 4th year in succession, EAPM is hosting a satellite meeting as part of the ESMO Congress. Similar to our own recent events, the focus will be on bringing innovation into healthcare systems, but with very specific items on the Alliance agenda.

The different sessions will deal with various aspects of this in the context of the oncology arena from our now-usual multistakeholder perspective.

In order to provide a clear focus and to devote sufficient space to analysis, discussions during our event will concentrate on how: 
  • To assess and address obstacles to the integration of personalised healthcare into Europe’s healthcare systems 
  • To identify best practices and their added value 
  • To outline the potential benefits of personalised medicine on public health and its impact on policymaking in the EU 

Each session will comprise panel discussions as well as Q&A sections to allow best possible involvement of all participants. Please find here the Agenda
Where: ESMO Congress, Barcelona, Spain
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