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8th Annual Presidency Conference 2020
When: 24 Mar 2020
Organiser: European Alliance for Personalised Medicine
Contact: Denis Horgan, Executive Director | phone: +32 4725 35 104 | email: denishorgan@euapm.eu

This will be the first in a series of three Presidency conferences the Alliance will hold during 2020 - the other two being a bridging conference between the Croatia and Germany presidencies, and an event while Germany is at the helm.

Not only do these conferences reflect the nature of the relative presidency policies in the healthcare arena, but also act as major events during the first full year of the two new legislative bodies - the European Parliament and the European Commission.

So what’s on the table at this event?

We know the chance exists to re-align priorities to evaluate the needs of patients, healthcare professionals and health systems to facilitate improved and safer therapies.

There is also space and necessity for enhanced collaboration between EU regulatory and payer groups. 

However, there are also questions.
  • How does Europe reconcile rapid access to innovation while incentivising necessary continued research to demonstrating value and societal benefits of new medical products, including IVDs?
  • What are the differences that affect regulatory vs payer decisions?
  • What specific data elements would allow for efficient assessment of products providing significant benefit to patients?
  • Can we find an agreed European (and possibly global) approach to quantifying clinical benefit?
  • Are there clinical outcomes other than survival that can be agreed upon to be used in registration trials and healthcare systems?
  • Do all low-benefit medications need to be be licensed? 
  • How do we best explain the need for both clinical research and ongoing data collection to patients and society and its benefit to both?
The sessions this conference include the following:
  • Biomarkers and molecular diagnosis
  • Prostate cancer – prevention and early diagnosis
  • Orphan regulation and personalised medicine
  • Realising the potential of Data: The Million European Genome Declaration and the EU Digital Strategy
  • Health literacy and personalised healthcare
Please find here the preliminary programme
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