The multi-stakeholder nature of the Alliance allows it to act as a one- shop for stakeholders in personalised medicine and personalised healthcare.

This is not just through the under-one-roof aspect of our (so far) seven Annual Presidency Conferences and three major Congresses (Belfast, Milan and Brussels), but through the many roundtable meetings we hold with experts on various ongoing topics, our presentations at other conferences and congresses plus our newsletters, video interviews, press interaction and so much more.

Every year, our conference and Congress is attended by large numbers of industry professionals, government regulators, patients, academia, researchers, healthcare journalists and more into driving insights into action.

The one-stop-shop aspect comes into play even outside these large forums, given the mix of EAPM members, which provides extensive scientific, clinical, caring and training expertise in personalised medicine and diagnostics, across patient groups, academia, health professionals and industry.

The Alliance brings all members together every 2-3 months to review activity and to direct political strategy. Our Working Groups develop positions on key topics and regularly make proposals and recommendations to policy- and lawmakers.

Essentially, In the relatively short time since it was formed, EAPM has been in the vanguard of raising the profile and explaining the possibilities of personalised medicine in Europe, and none of this could have been achieved without its broad church of stakeholders who work hard to understand each other’s issues and break down silo walls.

Despite the proven efficacy of personalised medicine in certain areas and vast potential in others, it remains a struggle to embed such innovative preventative methods and treatments into the EU’s healthcare systems. This cannot be done without coordination between all stakeholders.

This is not helped by the fact that healthcare is a Member State competence under the treaties, so the European Parliament and Commission can only do so much.

Essentially, and demonstrably, Europe has been slow in taking account of new technologies. So EAPM believes that there is a clear need to build better healthcare systems for our citizens and, if we build it, they will come.

In a nutshell, EAPM’s plan is to create a better healthcare future for all Europeans through shared decision making and cooperation.